Monday, 17 July 2017

Demerits of using facebook

Facebook is one of the steadfast growing social network nationwide. This is a platform where every user can make registration and create an account for free. Once the account is created, the user can fill different information about him or herself and share content (pictures, text, music, video etc)    with others either public, friends or friend of friends. Facebook is now a social media globally known and it covers about 90% daily activities which users are using more of their time to socialize with other people amidst the distance and lack of time.

Obviously, a trade off is happening between advantages and disadvantages of Facebook. Though, it increases the connection and communication between friends, meet different people across the continent; online community. It also aggrandizes the risk of procrastination and makes it easier for others to stalk a user. The worst part is that, some are actually punished for what they put on their profile and would claim that it was put there only for fun.

On Facebook, harassment is one of the major challenges that devalue or knock off some users. It is a form of discrimination that absorbs any superfluous verbal or physical behavior that would make a person feel humiliated, intimidated or feel offended. On the same note, derogatory comments may be directed to an individual or a group in a chat room which can be referred to as online harassment. This is a result of overcrowded.

Humiliation on Facebook is consort with public failure and a loss of dignity. Humiliation, in another way, is not amusing but deep and atrocious. Humiliation is most damaging as it is brought on by others' bad behavior.

Facebook seems disgusting mostly as people misinterpret comments and many started abusing or criticizing one's post. At times many people may abuse through one's post and feel embarrassed. However, as Facebook is known globally as a source of getting news updates, a situation of the economy, social updates, political updates, business update and much more. Upon all these, most of the news is fake and false just to call the attention of people. Recently, some photos posted on Facebook to claim evidence of some injured government worker in the US which when later investigated further was proved ingenuity. Prior to discovering the photos are fake, it's a discredit to Facebook. Also, Internet fraud uses Facebook as a powerful tool to carry out their unlawful activities. This gives discredit to Facebook.

Facebook - with over 2 billion users has no rules and guidelines on how or what can post on the site. Hence, global debate about the role and ethics of the social media giant needs to be revealed. The research has never seen internal training manuals, materials or flowchart that gives exceptional insight into the blueprints Facebook has used to moderate issues such as violence, hate speech, terrorism, pornography, and self-harm.

Facebook as a community comprises of many different groups which have historically faced discrimination in society. Among is a representative from the Muslim, the Jewish and other communities which engage themselves in religious dialogue and battle through this giant Facebook platform and resulted in threatening and disrespecting.

Different anxiety attack cases have recorded on Facebook as a result of blind dating, online businesses transaction and much more. The anxiety attack usually occurs suddenly and without warning which leads to anxiety disorders.

Conclusively, Facebook is a social platform which user can not deter from intimidation.

There are many risks attached to facebook site which is one of the larger risks. Over one million children were intimidated, threatened and subjected to other forms of cyberbullying on Facebook during the past year.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Uses of Gape Gooseberry

   The Cape gooseberry is congenital to Brazil but in the long run became neutralized in the Highlands of Peru and Chile which became identified with the region. In 1770, it was grown in England and was cultivated before 1807 early settlers at the Cape of Good Hope. Hastily, the plant was carried to Australia where it was quickly spread into the wild. Before 1825, seeds were taken to Hawaii and the plants were neutralized on all the islands at medium and little higher altitudes not quite long has the fruit accepted any diligence in the continental US.
   Cape gooseberry is very similar to orange cherry tomato in terms of look and taste like a sweet version of cherry tomato. Outside of Cape gooseberries are paper-like Cape that should be removed before eating.
   Cape gooseberries are a small orange berry as said earlier. It is full of good nutrition and has many health benefits. They are known by various names throughout nationwide e.g Aztec berry, Peruvians, Africa ground cherry, physalis, Peruvian cherry, Inca berry, golden berry or amour en cage. Cape gooseberries are now grown countries like US, UK, Europe, Central America, Egypt, Caribbean, India, South America, Hawaii, Asia, China with Columbia being the major producer. 

   In India, cape gooseberries are growing only in southern states while in north-eastern states this valuable fruit is found in forest.


The following are the uses of Cape gooseberry

Lots of Vitamin C - Cape gooseberries contain twice the vitamin lemons. Thus, this brings wonderful antioxidants that help to avoid cardiovascular disease, cancer, and strokes.

Antibacterial - Cape gooseberries extracted in studies kill lots of gram negative and positive bacteria such as Bacillus bacteria, Pseudomonas, and Bordetella bacteria.

Pectin - Cape gooseberries contain Pectin which is a soluble fiber that helps to truth the Gig tract and prevent constipation.

Taste - Cape gooseberries taste something like a tomato with astringency at the end like cranberries.

Contains - Cape gooseberries contain Phosphorus and calcium for strong bones, irons for anemia, zinc for a strong immune system, magnesium for enzyme production, and potassium for water regulation and heart health.

Vitamins - Cape gooseberries also contain Vitamin A antioxidant which is important for good eyesight, immune function, and heal DNA damage and Vitamin B for good mood and vitality.

Powerful Antioxidant - Cape gooseberries have more antioxidants than going berries, apples, pomegranates, and broccoli

Lung Disease - Cape gooseberries have galore of anti-inflammatories which are great asthma. Also, dried berries can be made into a fine and dandy tea that can be taken 3 times a day for long problems.

Diabetes - Cape gooseberries made into tea can also help lower blood sugar. Thus, they contain lots of soluble fiber.

Anti-Inflammatory - Cape gooseberries are very rich in anthocyanins which help with the inflammation - swelling, pain, and redness.

Antileishmanial and Anaplasmosis - Special steroids are present in Cape gooseberries which in studies inhibit the growth of intracellular microbes such as leishmaniasis and anaplasmosis.

Skin Tumors - The roots of Cape gooseberry contains solanoside glycosides and other agents which are powerful agents of malignant skin tumors and carcinomas.  Also, the stems and lead extract also work for treating squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma.

Weight Loss - Cape gooseberries are very low in fat and calories that help in losing weight. 50 calories equate 11 grams of Cape gooseberries.

Cholesterol - As a result of soluble pectin fiber present in cape gooseberries, it lowers cholesterol.

Food - Cape gooseberries can be invented into jellies, jams, cheese, and can be added to salads for a wonderful flavor, also can make into sauces for pasta. Thus, cape gooseberries can be dried and used in just about any dish.

Must Be Ripe - Only eat ripe berries as unripe cape gooseberries are poisonous.

Grows Like a Weed - Cape gooseberries grow well in mud and lots of moisture places, sprawl and extend all over. It can grow 3 feet tall.

Colds, Flues, and Laryngitis - Cape gooseberries can be made into a tea, taking a small quantity of dried or fresh berries and put in hot water, taking this tea 3 times a day can help with colds, flues, and Laryngitis.

Important of Cape gooseberry 
   Cape gooseberry, the berries of Physalius Pubescent L., is a commercial fruit of accurate activity to the world's upscale food industry. This plant cape gooseberry could provide significant health benefits because of their high antioxidant, vitamin minerals, and fiber contents. Also, it is a source of commercial marketing strategies, by this, Cape gooseberries can be taken to other parts of the continent where seems not available. This will be a source of generating money, increase in communication and connection to other communities. Moreover, Cape gooseberry provides health fitness; it lowers cholesterol, very low in fat and calories that help to lose weight.

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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

How to sell photography and drawings

     Everyone likes to take snaps or draw something and upload it on social media platform without hesitates, don’t you?  If we bought a camera, most of us usually started taking photos like a professional photographer. Even those of us who aren't very good at photography, love to have a go at capturing a few special moments with our cameras and phones. Sincerely, when we observe carefully capturing of Scenes, Landscapes, Portrait, Places, etc. is just a waste of time unless we know the tricks of how to sell our photos.  Yes indeed some photographers are earning real money by selling frames and mementos, but I should disclosed this, since they don’t know how to sell their photography for long-term income, they spent or invest huge amount of money to buy raw materials for making a single frame. As a result, of this market price is higher than the quality of the product.
Anyway, today let me tell you how to earn money from selling your photos for lifetime income. If you have a camera you can start right now, in case if you don’t have let me show you the way so that you can prepare for your next profession. But remember, you should not expect that with this business you will buy a house in one week.

Why don’t you sell your photos online?” Did you capture or drawn those photos just to store in your hard drive? “LOL” I don’t think that you got your camera freely.
     Yes there are several ways you can sell your photos online, but I’ll show you the most legitimate ways without big investment. Some people make money by building up a popular online portfolio of photographs and selling advertising space next to them. Another method is to sell your photos for use on merchandise such as t-shirts, cups and calendars. Moreover, some photographers build up a gallery and sell photographs directly to private clients - or make money from doing photo shoots once their name becomes well known.

 Who will buy your photos?
     There are tons of people who need to use photos and images everyday on websites, in magazines and brochures, on posters and elsewhere - and they are willing to pay photographers for the right to use them.

 Who can sell?
     Anyone who has a decent camera and a good eye for a photo opportunity, even for student selling photographs online can be a good way to make a bit of extra money without a great deal of effort.
     Well, one of the best ways to get started making money from photographs online is by taking advantage of stock photography websites. Those who already have their own camera you don’t need to spend money anymore, but the only thing you have to do is to 1. Sign-up at stock website 2. Upload your photos and 3. Just wait for the approval with humble patient. But before you start make sure that you have read all the terms and conditions of the website so that your photos will not be rejected.
     For your best startup and according to my experiences I’ve selected few most popular stock website. You can register freely.

1.    Fotolia
2.    Shutterstock
3.    Dreamstime
4.     Envato                     
5.    iStockphoto

     Each stock photography website has slightly different rules and guidelines about what photographs they are looking for and what they will be willing to accept. For example, there are strict rules about ownership and copyright issues on any photographs you submit. If there are any recognizable people in your photographs then you will have to ask them to sign a Model Release allowing you to use them in the image for commercial purposes. Similarly, there are rules which will prohibit you from using photographs which contain certain building, logos and brands.
     Also, all of the different stock photography websites have their own commission rates and payment structures, so it's worth taking some time to read the small print to see which stock photography websites would most suit your style of photography - and which will make you the most money.
     But from the above lists of stock websites I would recommend Fotolia for beginners, at the very first target you may not understand the structures of each website properly so try fotolia as your first trial, according to my experience this website is the easiest and most uploads get approved when comparing to other websites.

     Here are a few tips and tricks of the trade to help put you head and shoulders above some of the other contributors to stock photography websites:
  • Use good keywords to tag your photos and make sure they get found in searches
  • Check what your images look like at 100% before submitting them
  • Learn from failed submissions. Most websites give reasons why a particular photo was not accepted to their database. Take note and work on improving future photos.
  • Touch up your photos with editing software - but not too much!
  • Use any blogs or communities on the sites to interact and promote your photos
  • Read the onsite blogs of photographers who are selling well on a particular site
  • Don't submit dozens of substantially similar photographs
  • Use Photoshop or similar software to remove backgrounds from some images
  • Join the stock photography website forums and make useful contributions
  • Go exclusive if you are happy to work with just one stock photography site
  • Add a few photos for free download just to get buyers into your portfolio
  • Reinvest your earnings in a better camera to increase your acceptance rate
How you will get paid?
  Usually you will have to reach a minimum threshold/earning of minimum $100 dollars before you can request the money from them. But some website accepts $20, $50 etc. Most of the sites will pay you out by a variety of methods such as Paypal, bank transfer or cheque.

Best selling photos?
     You'll probably have to learn to deal with a bit of rejection at the start of your stock photography career. Many of your photographs could well get rejected, but it may not be because your photography just isn't up to scratch.
     All of the stock photography websites have a very good idea which types of images their customers are looking for - so they won't just accept all of your photos if they don't think many people from their typical user base will buy them.
You aren't going to get many photographs of you and your mates down the pub accepted to stock photography websites - that's just not the sort of thing that people tend to be looking to buy from stock photography websites.
     Many people who purchase photos and images from the stock photography websites are looking for photos they can easily republish elsewhere. Lots of the most successful stock photography can involve very simple images on white backgrounds.
For example, lots of people look for very simple photos or images of dogs or cats which they can Photoshop onto a different background. Quite often, the simpler the photograph, the more successful it will be on the stock photography sites.
Over time, you will start to learn which of your images are selling in the highest volume - and for the most money - so you can start to build up your portfolio in a more targeted way.

     So, guys what are you waiting for get started right now. 

Remember, the earlier you act the faster you’ll earn.

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Thursday, 18 May 2017

Nomination invites for National Youth Award

Deadline: 14 June 2017
The Government of India is currently seeking applications for the National Youth Award, conferred on young men and women and voluntary organization every year in recognition of their outstanding work in the field of national development and social service. 
National Youth Award is conferred on young men and women and voluntary organization every year in recognition of their outstanding work in the field of national development and social service. Submission will be start on 5:30 PM of 12th May, 2017 and the last date of submission is 14th June, 2017.
§ To motivate young persons (aged between 15 – 29 years) to achieve excellence in the field of national development or social service.
§ To encourage young people to develop a sense of responsibility to the community and thus to improve their own personal potential as good citizens.
§ To give recognition to the outstanding work done by voluntary organizations working with the youth for national development and / or social service.

Award Description
§ The award shall be given for identifiable excellent work for youth in different fields of development activities and social service such as health, research and innovation, culture, promotion of human rights, art and literature, tourism, traditional medicine, active citizenship, community service, sports and academic excellence & smart learning.
§  The number of awards in individual category: 25
§  Up to 10 awards for youth organization
§  Individual Award: Medal, Certificate & Rs. 50,000/- cash.
§ Award to Voluntary Youth Organizations: Trophy, Certificate & Rs. 2,00,000/- cash.
§  The individuals will receive the award in their traditional attire.

Eligibility Criteria
For Individual:
§  He/She must be a citizen of India.
§ He/She should be between the ages of 15 – 29 years as on 1st January of the current year at the time of nomination.
§  He/She should have done extra-ordinary identifiable social work.
§ The award will be conferred once in a lifetime.
§ Persons employed in any government service i.e. with the Central/State Governments, PSUs/Universities, Colleges/Schools, etc. are not eligible for the award
§ Participant is to make sure that his/her MyGov profile is accurate and updated since Department of Youth Affairs would be using this for further communication. This includes details such as name, photo and phone number. Entries with incomplete profiles would not be considered.

For Organization:
§  Be registered under the Registration of Societies Act, 1860 (Act XXII of 1860) for the last three years or under corresponding State Act and have proper constitution or Articles of Association;
§  Have a properly constituted managing body with its powers and duties clearly defined in its constitution;
§  Be in a position to secure involvement on a voluntary basis, of knowledgeable persons for furtherance of its programmes;
§  Should be a non-profit organization;
§  Should not have discriminated against any person or group of persons on the ground of sex, religion, caste or creed;
§  Have rendered extra-ordinary service involving the Youth in the relevant field for at least three years;
§  Have a good reputation among the local community/area; and
§  Should not have been conferred with this award earlier.

Country: India
How to ApplyEligible
Please visit National Youth Award.

Monday, 1 May 2017

How to generate SBI (State Bank Of India) ATM/Debit Card PIN

Till October 2016 State Bank of India provided pre-printed ATM PIN that every customers used to collect from their respective Branch after dispatching ATM Card through speed Post. But, from the beginning of November 2016 SBI stopped issuing ATM PIN at all branches. So, due to this sudden changed most of the customers are facing many problems especially those SBI customers who are living in rural areas. As far as I know, no SBI branches have called for public awareness for this particular issue. Ok let it be, I hope that all the SBI staffs are busy for counting money. Without their help you can easily do it by following these steps.

There are four ways STATE BANK OF INDIA ATM PIN (Personal Identification Number) can be generated, through:

Monday, 10 April 2017

15th of every month marked as People’s Day in Manipur

Addressing on a reception organised by women vendors of Khwairamband keithel on 9th April 2017 at Thangal road Imphal, N Biren Singh said that the government set aside this day in order to bring a good relationship and understanding between the government and the public, which is a must to bring all round development in a state.
Chief Minister N Biren Singh announced that 15th of every month will be set aside as Meeyamgi Numit (People’s Day) to allow the public to meet any minister and government officials including him freely
Biren said the people of the state will no more sell their lands for getting jobs as there will be no corruption in job recruitment. Mobile phone has been allowed in all the government offices so that visitors can record any kind of corrupt practices by any official, as a part of making Manipur a corruption free state, interview process for all grade III and grade IV recruitment have been abolished, except for the education department.
The Chief Minister also said anti-corruption helpline is opened 24X7 and it welcomes every complaint regarding corrupt practices. He added that an official of the secretariat was suspended for demanding bribe in a GPF case.
“The people have an important role to play in ensuring a corruption free state.”
However the State Cabinet has also resolved to open an anti-corruption cell in order to check bribery during recruitments and file processing. It is also said that the State Government would go for direct recruitment of Grade III and Grade IV employees without involving interviews as introduced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the National level with the objective of eradicating graft practices. 
So to act this, people can send audio or video messages related to corruption by Government officials.The anti-corruption cell would be monitored by one MCS officer and an MPS officer and they would be stationed at the Chief Minister’s office. Identities of people who give information about corruption would be kept secret.

The government has also decided with consultation with the banks to give direct payment system for the pensioners within this month so that they will no longer suffer standing in long queues in the bank, he added. The works taken up by minister Shyamkumar to clean Imphal city is launched after discussing experts and other ministers in order to develop our state into a clean and hygienic place which is necessary for a healthy life.
The government is working hard to bring a positive change in the system to usher in development and welfare of the people.”For this the government needs cooperation of the people in shaping up the state,” he continued. It is said that The Prime Minister Narendra Modi has already sanctioned money to construct Ima Keithel in all the districts as Ima Keithel of Manipur is the only women’s market in all over the world.

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Burning news collection on Cow Slaughtering

Other than demonetization we have another burning issues arising during BJP's ruling in Center. Yes indeed Hindus worship Cows and on the other hand some other religions are consuming as tasty meat. As Mahatma Gandhi Said:
I have been long pledged to serve the cow but how can my religion also be the religion of the rest of the Indians? It will mean coercion against those Indians who are not Hindus.
And on the contrary he mentioned:
In villages Hindus make bullocks carry huge burdens which almost crush the animals. Is it not cow-slaughter, albeit slowly carried out? 
 Anyway let me list down all the news from different sources, just scroll your mouse and chalk out and leave your opinion.

1. For BJP, cow is 'mummy' in Uttar Pradesh, but 'yummy' in northeast: Asaduddin Owaisi.

2. "What's this mummy, yummy thing" -- Subramanian Swamy slams Asaduddin Owaisi for accusing BJP of hypocrisy on cow slaughter.

3. Will hang those who kill cows, says Chattisgarh CM Raman Singh.

4. In Gujarat, life imprisonment for cow slaughtering.
Representational image

5. UP CM Yogi Adityanath to meet slaughterhouses` representatives at 6 pm today.

6. Uttar Pradesh: Police team carrying out checks on illegal slaughterhouses attacked in Sambhal, 5 cops injured.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

2017 Top 75 Earning website

In 2009 Amazon was the highest earning website, but there have been big changes in 2017. According to our research google is the highest earning website now, their primary revenues comes from Google AdWords and Search Advertising. On the other hand Google’s AdSense program enables non-Google websites to incorporate Google display advertising on their pages. AdSense ads work similarly to Google’s own onsite advertising but are displayed on Google approved sites anywhere on the Internet so that every website owners can earn extra money. Although there are several ways that we can earn huge money from our website I'm listing the most legitimate Networks here: 
  1. Pay Per Click Contextual Ad Networks
  2. CPM Advertising Networks
  3. CPA (Cost Per Action) Networks
  4. Affiliate Networks
  5. Direct Affiliate Programs
  6. Sell Ad Space Directly
  7. Create Your Own Product
  8. Sell Text Links
  9. Donations
  10. Sell Your Site

Earning from our website is not an easy task because we have to be patient, confident, competent, struggle etc. Success will never come like a fortune but you have to work hard and go steady. So if you intent to be an online entrepreneur launch your website/blog today.
Below list are shown in Page Rank order.

Daily Revenue
Monthly Revenue
Annual Revenue
Daily Visitors
Down -11891%
Down -1545%

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